A mailing list or Email Service is a system where-by a letter or communication is sent from a domain, this is our policies outlined with email from labs.coop + xortify.com.

We do not use labs.coop or xortify.com for email, no email in our business since 18-Feb-2015 has been or will be in the future sent from our .coop or .com highlighted domain. The only email address that exists in the root of these domains is our catch-all and forward, which is not a physical address but an email forwarder is errors@labs.coop -- this should be used for all general references to emailing this system or business'.

There are a couple of subdomains you may recieve email from as these are redirected to other parties as per the UN Sanctions in Communication with a Cooperative:-

  1. *.cisco.labs.coop - Associated Parties Controls Cname
  2. *.google.labs.coop - Associated Parties Controls Cname
  3. *.creative.labs.coop - Associated Parties Controls Cname
  4. *.staff.labs.coop - Currently Future Planned Cname for staff email & departments.

Any of the primary domain emails previously existing are or have on the firstname basis forwarders set up to there new corresponding email routes.